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Hey there,

Like I put in this post, I will be in Europe at the end of June. My team is having a meeting in Sevilla for a week and then I’m taking another week off to do some personal travel. I will most likely travel alone.

Personal Travel Plan: I will fly from Sevilla into Lisbon, landing at 0700 on day 1. I depart on day 3 (also the last day of Ramadan) at 1345 and land in Marrakech at 1525. I’ll spend the night in Marrakech and then on day 4 depart on a trek to Toubkal that will end on day 5. Day 6 is a full day in Marrakech. Day 7 is a long travel day, going first from Marrakech to London Stansted, and then to Cologne (via RyanAir). In Cologne, I will stay with my friend and then depart early on day 10 from Frankfurt.

I have a map here with points of interest and airports listed. I went through each of the destination threads to find some ideas. I’ll have to revisit them, and other links, to prepare for the cultural differences. I will also post in the relevant subreddits as the trip gets closer.

All flights and AirBnb’s have been booked.

  • Sevilla: Most of our nights here are already planned but I’m hoping to find some cool things to look at/do on the one unplanned night we have (Sunday) and in between work and events.

  • Lisbon: I am here for 2 full days. I’m thinking Sintra is where I should spend a day? And the other day I will spend exploring Lisbon proper, probably.

  • Marrakech: I was going to go through this link for a 2-day trek at €250 but just found this page for €160. I already told the first link that I would go with them and I will pay when they pick me up. Not sure if the extra money is worth it or what to do. After this trek, I have a full day and then I depart the next morning. Considering that I’m there right after Ramadan ends, I’m hoping to really experience Muslim culture. As a deist from Texas, I hope this gets me safely out of my comfort zone.

  • London Stansted lol: I laugh because I posted this thread here and, well, look at the responses. I can’t do much with my 5 hour layover (assuming RyanAir doesn’t cancel or delay). I may explore the town around the airport? We’ll see.

  • Cologne: Like I said, visiting my friend here. I know there’s a chocolate museum and a cathedral. If I have time while my friend is in class, then I’ll probably do these two things. Leaving it up to him, though.

Interests: HISTORY. Food. Exploration. Sports. Being outdoors in manageable chunks (I’m a data analyst with a 9-to-5 office job). Get me out of my comfort zone! I went to university with people from all over the world and it’s the thing I miss most about school.

Safety: When I was 11 in Europe, I wore shorts under my pants and kept the important things in the shorts. So I’m paranoid and don’t want to lose anything. But, again, get me out of my comfort zone.

Language Skills: I’m half-deaf so despite 3 years of high school Spanish and working off-and-on in kitchens for the last 6 years, the only Spanish I know is a little rude. I’m going to try to do Duolingo but lets assume I learn nothing. How screwed am I?

Transportation: Flights and trains! Further research is necessary but I’m confident in the Europe transportation system. In Marrakech, if I do a trek, all transportation to and from the mountain is covered.

Housing: AirBnb/trek/friend’s apartment. Pretty much covered. The three AirBnb locations, as well as the hotel in Sevilla, are in or near the city center/medina.

Length: Overall, about 15 days. 10 days personal travel.

Budget: Low-cost, preferably. My company is covering all flights so that’s a couple thousand dollars I’m saving. AirBnb cost another couple hundred. So I’ve already “spent” about $2100 on this at the personal cost of $200 or so. The trek will be another $200ish. I’d like to spend no more than another $600 to bring the personal cost to $1000 but if I must go over, I’ll be able to.

Climate: June in Europe is…. warm, I guess? I’m from Texas, so heat doesn’t bother me.

I know it’s a lot! I’m ready for the culture shocks, the different people, new food, and experiences. Most importantly: How do I avoid being a “typical” rude American? I want to give these places America’s best so that, hopefully, I can experience the best in return.

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