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Hello good people of r/travel, i have a ticket and visa to Japan in May, and all that leaves is a good itinerary for me to push on. Below is my proposed itinerary:

  • 12th May : Kansai – Tokyo
  • 13th May : Tokyo – Hitachi Seaside Park – Ashikaga Flower Park
  • 14th May : Tokyo – Kamakura & Yokohama
  • 15th May : Tokyo – Kawaguchiko
  • 16th May : Tokyo
  • 17th May : Tokyo – Toyama
  • 18th May : Toyama- Tateyama Alpine Route
  • 19th May : Toyama – Kurobe Gorge – Takayama
  • 20th May : Takayama – Furukawa – Shirakawa go
  • 21th May : Takayama – Kamikochi & Hirayu Onsen. Attempt to take Shin Hotaka ropeway and Hirayu falls
  • 22th May : Takayama – Hiroshima
  • 23th May : Hiroshima – Miyajima
  • 24th May : Hiroshima – Kurashiki – Kyoto
  • 25th May : Kyoto- Nara – Himeji
  • 26th May : Kyoto
  • 27th May : Kyoto 28th May : Kyoto – Osaka (day trip)
  • 29th May : Kyoto – Kansai (10.30 am flight)

I have a few questions on my itinerary:

  1. I arrive at Kansai 640, if i calculate the whole journey length, i’d smelly smelly arrive at Tokyo Hostel somewhere between 2 pm plus. That is after factoring JR Activation and Wifi pick up plus toilet break time 30 mins. Should i do Yokohama this day? I only want to visit Ramen museum, Yokohama Chinatown, Minato Mirai and Oshanbashi Pier which has the red brick warehouse.

  2. Is there any pass i can take for Takayama area? I understand my Jr Pass means crap once i got out of the station. the pass that i see only has 2 for nouhi, as from this website : http://ift.tt/2nm1GXW. If i attempt to go to shin hotaka and shirakawa go and kamikochi in 2 days, should i take the 4 days alpine pass, or just buy separate and buy the hotaka takayama pass instead?

  3. Hiroshima : At the 3rd day when i’m supposed to exit, i want to visit Okunoshima, rabbit island which requires a detour from my normal line to kyoto. Is it possible to combine 2 day trips Okunoshima and Kurashiki on my journey from Hiroshima – Kyoto? I plan to leave my luggages at the station locker im arriving, Tadanoumi for Okunoshima, and Kurashiki. I expect to end at Kurashiki in evening before i continue on to Kyoto

  4. Do i need to buy any pass for my trip in hiroshima ? it’s pretty short. I understand that at least in Tokyo i should buy ICOCA for easy transfer. Is it usable in Hiroshima and Kyoto as well?

  5. For shin hotaka, should i do in the morning and sunset at kamikochi? i’ve never heard of any other different routes.

  6. I plan to visit Hitachi and Ashikaga flower park on 14th May, because i saw that the event only lasted until 14 may for the baby blue cosmoses, and it so happens that night wisteria event ends at 14 may too. I calculated that from tokyo – katsuta (hitachi) requires 1 hrs 30 mins, and katsuta – tomita(ashikaga) 2hrs 20 mins. Theoritically, is this doable in one day?

  7. Anybody who have exp in kamikochi & Shin hotaka in one day could write me a feedback on how the trip is done?

I understand my trip is a bit hectic, so i appreciate if anyone could give me some constructive feedback.

I plan to take 14 day Jr Pass, ending on my second day in Kyoto.

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