Should I still be going to Peru in a few weeks, considering the floods happening? five stars NYC hotels luxury hoteles lujosos 5 estrellas cancun cadenas de hoteles – zona hotelera cancun

I’ve got a tour booked for Peru, in between April 15 – May 1. Considering the current weather conditions there, should I still be travelling, or should I cancel?


  1. The tour I have booked, via G Adventures

  2. Areas affected by the floods from

  3. Article about floodings from BBC

I have bought travel insurance at the same time as buying the tour package, I can check the papers for that when I’m home to see what the cancellation policy is.

I’m wondering if it would be worth it to cancel everything – I wouldn’t want to go and not be able to visit anything that I’m supposed to, or even more to put myself in dangerous situations.

If anyone here has travelled to Peru recently / is there at the moment / is planning to go to those areas I am planning to go to – what are you doing? How was it, or will you cancel?


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