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I want to plan a surprise trip for me and the hubs to Hawaii next year (yeah, I know it’s far away), but I need help on picking what island and even what part of a certain island to go. I’m thinking either Maui, Oahu, or the Big Island.

Here’s some background: we love nature and hiking and would want to be somewhere scenic; we’d also like to snorkel/scuba dive, maybe whale watch, and enjoy time on great beaches (if my husband could live on a beach, he would). We love trying fun, unique restaurants and would like to try some mom and pop shops, too. However (and of course this is where it gets tricky), we hate super crowded areas and aren’t really night-life/party people. We’d much rather like to go to a luau or relax somewhere tranquil at the end of the day.

Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks!

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