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I figured this has been discussed before, but could not find anything in the side bar or in any of my searches.

I am an American taking a business trip to China (Xiamen and Beijing). I am wondering what the best practices are in terms of cyber security. I’d appreciate any personal opinions or direction to appropriate resources.

More specifically, I am wondering: 1. Should I bring/use my cellphone or try to get a burner?

  1. Should I bring/use my laptop, or try to get a borrowed machine?

  2. Should I use an RFID blocking wallet for my passport and cards, or is that only necessary for people who wear tinfoil hats?

  3. Should I only login to websites using a VPN, or should I avoid it altogether when using WiFi etc?

  4. Any software/app recommendations?

To be clear, it’s not like I am a government official or inventor that would be a specific target of an attack, but I’d rather keep my identify and passwords etc. safe.

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