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Hi everyone! I’m going on a long backpacking trip around Europe this summer after graduating college. I’m planning on being pretty flexible but I do want to reserve a few things ahead of time, like place to sleep in busy areas during busy season, so I’m trying to get a rough itinerary put together.

Stockholm/Oslo/Bergen/Helsinki/Copenhagen: May 10-25 Doing this part with other people, letting them plan it

Berlin: May 25-27 Zoo, Berlin Wall

Prague: May 27-29 Food, nightlife

Budapest: May 29-Jun 2 Thermal baths, bars

Zagreb: Jun 2-3 Travel to Dubrovnik pretty much

Dubrovnik: Jun 3-4 Game of Thrones shit

Split: Jun 4-6 Hang out, I might go to Hvar

Amsterdam: Jun 6-8 Bike around

Paris: Jun 8-13 Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Notre Dame, museums, baguettes

London: Jun 13-16 Meet up with friends, I’ll probably need a haircut by this point too, also maybe some shopping depending on how much Brexit hurts the pound vs the dollar

Lyon: Jun 16-17

Montpellier: Jun 17-19 Beach, eat out

Barcelona: Jun 19-23 Architecture, La Sagrada Familia, nightlife

Madrid: Jun 23-27 Tapas, nightlife

Lisbon: Jun 27-29 Pastries, Sintra

Rome: Jun 29-Jul 7 Eat as much gelato as possible, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, museums, shopping

Amalfi Coast: Jul 7-10 Positano, hang out

Tropea: Jul 10-13 Beach

Palermo: Jul 13-15 Not sure yet but I know I want to go to Sicily

Florence: Jul 15-21 Museums, Il Duomo

Cinque Terre: Jul 21-26 Hiking

Bologna: Jul 26-29 Food

Venice: Jul 29-31 Take a ride through the canals

Milan: Jul 31-Aug 2 Shopping

Zermatt: Aug 2-3 See the Matterhorn

Zurich: Aug 3-5 Savor the final moments of my trip

I’m spending so long in Italy because I took Italian classes in college and I want a chance to use it.

I’d love recommendations on what to do anywhere here, and especially hostel recommendations.

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