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Hi there,

I’ve been using Travel Money to keep track of group expenses while travelling. This way, instead of splitting every bill, only one person pays each bill for the whole group and the app tells us who’s been paying more or less than the average.

This app is perfect but has one big issue: it’s doesn’t allow syncing between devices, so only one person has access to the app, which is less than ideal in case the phone dies or gets stolen/lost.

I have tried Split Wise, which does allow people to contribute to a single group from their own phones, and the data is kept synced. But this app has a lot of disadvantages over Travel Money – less intuitive, no summary report (which tells us how much we’ve spent in which categories), and no automatic conversion to Euros from foreign currencies.

I’m looking for an app that combines the functionality of Travel Money with the syncing capabilities of Split Wise. Any suggestions?

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