Anybody done an Enduro tour abroad? Looking at options: Thailand, Romania, Morocco and more… five stars NYC hotels luxury hoteles lujosos 5 estrellas cancun cadenas de hoteles – zona hotelera cancun


I’m sure most of you here won’t have any input or interest, but it’s about travel so I figure this is a good place to try.

I’m looking to do a trip in July, 15 days, a bit of relaxing would be nice, but my main effort is to get some enduro riding in. I was thinking about buying or renting a bike and touring around but I only have two weeks, that’d make it a little more rushed, so I’m leaning towards guided dirt bike type trips. This way I can show up, get some gnarly riding in an then head out when I’m done.

I’ve been researching companies in Thailand, Romania, Morocco, Andorra, South Africa, Portugal, Nepal.

A benefit for Thailand is that is would be the cheapest and beaches for some relaxing too.

A benefit for Romania is that it would be some of the gnarliest riding in the Carpathian mountains and I could catch Red Bull Romaniacs for the first day or two that it was happening before I have to leave.

I’m just looking for some input or info if someone has done something like this before, most companies seem reputable but it’s nice to hear an experience as well.

A couple companies I’m looking at:

Thailand- Enduro Madness

Romania- Enduro ToursGas Gas Enduro Tours

Portugal- Enduro Tours Portugal


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